“Safety is a priority and one of our core values at West Contracting…

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is an integral part of our culture. We believe that promoting a proactive safety culture and giving our employees the necessary safety training and proper equipment to get their jobs done without injury is absolutely paramount.

We also believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility at West Contracting Company. By empowering employees to make safety a part of everything they do, our clients can be assured that we operate in a safe manner.

Part of what makes West Contracting successful is learning from the past while looking to the future, we can’t be afraid of change.”

— Larry West, Chairman

Our Safety Program

Committed to Protecting Our Workers and the Public Community

Because our goal is to see all of our employees go home safely and in good health at the end of the day, we have created a comprehensive safety program based on proactive safety measures to prevent injuries and accidents.

Some key components to our safety program include the following:

  • Safety Orientation Program
  • General Safety Rules
  • Safety Responsibilities
  • Hazard Communication
  • Safety Inspections
  • Alcohol and Drug Free Policy
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Safe Start Program
  • Disciplinary Action Program

Safety Training Committment

We encourage our employees to be stewards of safety, and we provide continual education and ongoing communication on the importance of safety. 

All employees receive safety orientation training at the time of hire and annually thereafter. Additional specialized training is provided as needed for task-specific and project-specific requirements.

Some examples of safety training provided includes:

  • Safety Orientation Training
  • OSHA 30 Hour for Construction Safety
  • OSHA 10 Hour for Construction Safety
  • First Aid and CPR
  • MODOT Advance Work Zone Training
  • Excavation and Trenching Safety
  • Flagger Safety
  • Work Zone Safety

Safety Policy Statement

All employees are expected to do their part to work safely.  As such, there is no job or objective so important that we will risk the safety or health of our employees to achieve it.

Our goal is to have a health and safety program that minimizes work-related injuries. Employees are expected to report incidents to their supervisor immediately. Likewise, if a workplace hazard or practice is observed, it must be reported to the supervisor immediately. If it appears that immediate action is necessary to prevent an accident from occurring and a supervisor is not immediately available, it is the employee’s responsibility to call attention to the hazard, personally. We will investigate every accident to prevent recurrence.

Each employee is responsible for knowing and complying with all the information and rules contained in our safety program. Management supports this program and is responsible for the safety of employees under their supervision and ensuring that established safety procedures are observed.

All employees, as a condition of employment, must support this policy by working safely and abiding by all safety policies and procedures.


Feel free to contact one of our safety professionals for more information.

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Near Miss Report

It is everyone’s responsibility to report and correct any of these potential hazards immediately. Employees, please use our online form to report near-misses and assist us in preventing incidences and making West Contracting Co. a safer place to work.

Near Miss Report

Good Catch Award Program

At West Contracting Co., we strive daily to recognize our employees’ efforts to control risks and address safety concerns. To do this, we’ve established the Good Catch Award Program. Learn more how it works by visiting our online participant form:

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