Parking Lots


The asphalt parking area at you place of business is the “welcome mat” for potential customers, this can impart a lasting impression. Make the impression count! A safe, clean and well cared for exterior is a positive reflection of the business you have worked so hard to build. Many times the grass, landscaping and building looks great but the parking lot has potholes, rutted areas and faded stripes.

West Contracting takes pride in providing options and solutions to put you back on solid ground, some potential solutions and ideas are listed.

Parking lot care and maintenance is a balance between knowing when and what to do to extend the service life and esthetics of your property.
West Contracting has the experience and knowledge to guide you towards a pro-active maintenance program. This may include; hot crack sealing, seal-coating, striping and signage or parking bumpers. Many times minimal patching is required during the maintenance cycle which can extend the useful life of the parking lot further.

This stage of Maintenance typically is the first “major” renovation. In many cases, if the parking lot is stable a 2 inch compacted overlay of new asphalt is placed over the existing surface. Sometimes repairs are required to stabilize the existing surface and remove weak areas before placing the new overlay.

Mill and Pave:
Sometimes things just wear out! Milling typically will be required when your parking lot has been paved and re-paved. The layering of asphalt over the years shortens the height of the curbs this can lead to water flow problems and creates trip hazards to customers while stepping up or down. Many times the pavement de-laminates from the surface below and reflective cracks or networks are numerous. Milling allows options; we can remove single or multiple layers of old worn asphalt allowing us to re-pave over an existing milled surface. Sometimes when conditions dictate, we can mill the existing asphalt and leave it in place (increasing your base), grade it, and pave over it. Click on the case study here. Case Study – Cochran

New Construction:
Perhaps an addition to your existing parking lot is required or you have added a new location! West Contracting has the skill and experience to provide a “ground up” turn-key parking lot ready for your customers or employees.

Did you Know?

• West Contracting installs ring risers and meter rings before we pave, these collars raise the elevation of the lid or cover to be flush with the new asphalt surface.

• When installing an asphalt overlay that meets another surface, West Contracting “mills” a transitional joint to ensure the transition area is not only smooth but the correct thickness where the two surfaces intersect.

• Water pressure underneath a paved surface is called hydro-static pressure, this pressure can be caused by a number of factors including water entry thru voids in the pavement, islands in the parking lot, sprinkler systems, soil conditions and the geographic lay of the land.

• When you notice a white chalky stained area, constant moisture, weeping, or even moss growing these conditions can be a sign of underground moisture.

• West Contracting is well versed in defying Mother Nature, often times the installation of a French drain can alleviate these conditions. French drains act as an undersurface sewer system directing water and the associated pressure towards an exit point.

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