Work Zone Safety Week

Did you know that this week is Work Zone Awareness Week? Every spring, the Missouri Department of Transportation reminds Missouri drivers that the construction season is beginning. We as Missouri drivers need to remember that MODOT and road Construction Company’s alike employee thousands of workers statewide whose jobs are to maintain our roadways. A dangerous job when we as drivers are within feet of these workers often driving over the speed limit in construction zones while not paying attention to the road ahead.

Drivers have become distracted, often not noticing the “Construction Ahead” signs for miles before a work zone appears on a highly congested interstate. MODOT and West Contracting ask that you please watch out for construction workers as you travel on our roadways each day. This work force spends their work day on the roads ensuring safe travels for us. In turn we need to honor their work environment keeping it safe for them. We want drivers and workers each evening to return home unharmed to their families.

Please pay attention to construction work zone signs, slow down to the MPH posted, and stay alert! They are doing us a service and the least we can do is make their daily work environment a safe place.
In 2012, Governor Jay Nixon and the Missouri General Assembly added MoDOT vehicles to the “Move Over” law. This law protects law enforcement and emergency response vehicles parked on the side of the road. This law requires motorists to slow down or change lanes when approaching these vehicles, and now includes MoDOT vehicles parked with amber and white lights flashing.

This summer please slow down and move over. Let’s keep all Missouri workers, on the road and in the cars safe!

Safety First

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