POSTED ON: August 1st, 2013

You Want Us to Install Asphalt Where?!?

As the oldest still family owned and operated asphalt paving contractor in the St. Louis Area we have seen it all. General Contractors throughout St. Louis have come to West Contracting when they have had projects other asphalt contractors are unable to complete. Private owners have done the same.

Owners know that our Asphalt Paving Crews have the experience, patience, and attention to detail necessary to complete unique projects. Our commercial/residential paving crews attention to detail is what has kept our reputation 57 years strong. We know that whether it’s a subdivision roadway, residential driveway, or commercial parking lot the finished products appearance and quality is what matters!

Here are a few recent Unique Projects West Contractings’ Commercial Asphalt Crew has completed!

Paving a Barn Floor!

We Recently Installed asphalt on the floor of a new barn! The challenges where that we wanted to create a smooth and even surface throughout the barn but much of it was hand work. See the picture below we had to string line all edges to make sure the asphalt surface was even and flat throughout.

The Ceiling was too low for dump trucks so the entire project was completed with a skid loader loading the paving machine!

There was much hand work along all edges and along all support beams


The owner couldn’t be happier with the end result! Success by our detail oriented crew!

 St. Louis Zoo Sea Lion Sound Project

Our Commercial Paving crew enjoyed this project as much as we enjoyed taking pictures of it! Children walking by were also just as intrigued by the construction of the sea lion amphitheater as the animals!  It was truly an honor to be involved in this project and asked to participate in it as the preferred paving contractor.

Here we installed Porous Asphalt Pavement in the Sea Lion Sound Amphitheater between the concrete seating. It was completed one wheel barrow at a time. Extremely labor intensive and took quite a while but the end result was spectacular!


St. Louis Art Museum

Another project we were delighted to be personally asked to be a part of was the St. Louis Art Museum expansion that opened June 2013. This project was unique as the asphalt in front of the expansion was immediately sand blasted after we installed it. This faded the asphalt from its black color to a gray color to match the stonework of the new building. We were honored to be a part of this high profile project!

Whether its simple or complex West Contracting has paved thousands of projects since 1956. Every asphalt paving season we are presented with at least one highly unusual project. We work with the owners and general contractors to make the paving work a success both ascetically and structurally. That is why we are the oldest and most respected family owned asphalt paving contractor in St. Louis.