Ultra Thin Asphalt / NovaChip


Certified Applicator Of Ultra Thin Bonded Asphalt

West Contracting is a certified, licensed applicator for Ultra Thin Bonded Asphalt (UBAWS or UTBWC) also known as “NovaChip”. The NovaChip process was developed in the 1990’s to provide a superior surface treatment on heavily traveled roads.  This application combines the two key processes of traditional paving methods into one with one machine – a Spray Paver. The idea behind this machine was to be able to spray a heavy application of the bonding agent (emulsion or tack coat) without trucks tracking it away from the job.  At the same time, the machine installs a thin layer of a high quality, open graded, hot mix asphalt to the asphalt or concrete it is being placed on (1/2 inch to 7/8 of an inch). The end result is a superior hot mix surface treatment.


  1. Cost Effective Pavement Surface (1/3 to 1/2 cost of traditional “mill and fill”)
  2. Seals and protects existing pavement (completely covering existing pavement with emulsion)
  3. Friction Enhance by using open graded, stone on stone mix design
  4. Backspray in Rain Events
  5. Minimal transition milling required (overlay is less than 1 inch)

Our state-of-the-art Roadtec SP200 Spray Paver travels throughout the Midwest, providing an approved application for DOTs, municipalities, counties, and residential subdivisions.

If you’d like more information on our Ultra Thin Asphalt, contact us today and one of our representatives will work with you to develop the best solution for your particular asphalt needs, including Novachip. You can also Discover The Nova Chip Difference by viewing this video demonstration.



Spray Paver up Close (Process)

NovaChip Macro texture and thickness



NovaChip Macro texture and thickness

Finished Product - St. Louis County 2012



Finished Product – St. Louis County 2012

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