The Heat of the Summer



With temperatures expected in the 90’s all week West Contracting strives to keep our asphalt and concrete crews safe through employee training.


As a leading Missouri Road Construction and Asphalt Paving Company here are a couple things we stress to our employees who work outdoors every day.


Stay Hydrated

Hydration, hydration, hydration. West Contracting cannot stress enough to drink fluids. Water and or a drink with electrolytes (such as Gatorade) are great. it is advisable to be drinking 6-8 ounces very 15-30 minutes. Rehydration in the evenings after work and in the mornings before work is just as important as drinking fluids during the work day. Soda and alcoholic beverage will also only dehydrate the body further and should be avoided after work.

gatorade water

Take Frequent Breaks

We know construction projects are frequently on a time crunch and the quicker you finish a project the better, but WE stress as management that the SAFETY of everyone is MORE important than getting the job done in record time. We want everyone at West Contracting, whether its office staff, asphalt plant personnel, dump truck drivers, mechanics, asphalt crews, or concrete crews to arrive home safely each night to their families.  When there is a break in between concrete or asphalt deliveries we encourage our men to grab a cup of water or their water bottle and stand in the shade if possible, even if it’s only 30 seconds. Being Safe is Number 1!

Wear Light Clothing and Sunscreen

West Contracting employees on asphalt parking lot paving and asphalt maintenance jobs must wear bright colored shirts so that they are highly visible. On road construction projects or projects working for a general contractor vests are required. We provide our employees with light weight bright colored shirts and vests for their own safety and protection. We also provide them with orange or yellow baseball hats or yellow and orange reflective ranger hats that keep the sun off our employee’s necks. We also have disposable sweat bands many employees wear under their hats often pouring cool water on them and placing them back on their foreheads. These help keep them feeling cooler! We know sunscreen is a pain but it serves a very important purpose! We also provide sunscreen wipes for our crews if they would like to quickly apply sunscreen!

ranger hat sunscreen yellow hat

Watch For Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is the result of a dramatic loss of fluids and salt from the body. Symptoms include heavy sweating, slightly elevated body temperature, dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, clammy skin, and lack of sweating.


Our crews know the importance of staying alert and checking on one another frequently. Our crews work side by side daily so they are aware if someone’s behavior isn’t normal. We encourage everyone to be aware of not only themselves but everyone on the crew and to speak up if something doesn’t seem right with another member of the crew. We stress safety over production!


Having all of West Contracting’s employees arrive home each night safely is West Contracting’s #1 Priority!


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