Tech Leader

West Contracting leads rather than follows the industry. We continually innovate with new paving methods that not only extend pavement life but also save money and protect the environment. We continually invest in our business with new equipment to increase productivity. West also is firmly committed to recycling, reclaiming and reusing asphalt materials. Our commitment to quality is second to none, with on-site labs at each of our three asphalt plants.

Here are some examples of our leadership in technology:

White Paper on Benefits of and Opportunities for Warm Mix Asphalt
Discover The Nova Chip Difference
New Technology Results in Better Missouri Roadways
NB West Mixes the Recycle Options for Missouri

West Contracting also has received numerous honors for its leadership:

MAPA Honors West For Paving Project On Route 30
MAPA Presents Quality Award For Nova Chip Project
Sullivan Asphalt Plant Receives Commendation From NAPA
Pacific Asphalt Plant Receives Commendation From NAPA

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