Please Report Potholes to MoDOT or N.B. West!

Please call MoDOT for Potholes on your highways and major roads, and call us for UPM for you neighborhood or subdivision!  We sell permanent cold patch by the bag and by the ton FOB or delivered. Use our UPM pothole patching calculator on our Facebook site (

By Ken Leiser

Missouri is once again putting pothole patching on the fast track.

Beginning today, the Missouri Department of Transportation will launch a statewide program to fill winter potholes with asphalt as soon as possible once they are reported.

MoDOT District Engineer Greg Horn said that once a motorist reports a pothole, the agency’s goal is to repair it before the driver takes that same route the next day.

Two years ago, MoDOT stepped up its pothole response time. Maintenance crews will put down a temporary asphalt patch until a more permanent fix can be made.

The roller coaster-like freeze-and-thaw cycles have punched thousands of potholes into area roads. Potholes form when water seeps into tiny cracks in the pavement, then freezes and expands when temperatures drop.

And did they ever drop. Winter temperatures tumbled below freezing for days at a time.

Drivers can report potholes in a variety of ways. Call MoDOT’s customer service center at 1-888-275-6636; fill out a “road concern” form online at; email at; or use a variety of social media platforms.

You can also use your smartphone or tablet with the Web app at

State and local highway departments on both sides of the Mississippi River have been urging the public to lend a hand by reporting potholes — which can cause considerable damage to cars and require expensive repairs.

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