Missouri’s Transportation Future

Have you been paying attention to the news and talks of Missouri’s Transportation issue’s recently? A bill (resolution SJR16) could come up on the floor of the House in Jefferson City as early as today. April 17th the 1-cent sales tax for highways won approval from the House Transportation Committee. If passed, the tax would be on a statewide ballot in November 2014.

Transportation affects the pricing of all goods and services! Poor transportation of goods increases the cost of all items we purchase! It also decreases travel from non Missouri residents and Truck traffic through our state! Remember Travelers buy plenty of goods and services along their highway routes dramatically effecting our local economies in a positive way!

 Two recent polls indicate that a majority of Missourians support dedicating a sales tax for state transportation and infrastructure and we would simply like the Missouri House to take an up or down vote on the resolution, which allows our best hope for new transportation funding to be sent to a vote of the people.  Opponents argue that this is a vote for a tax increase – the reality is that it is a vote to let citizens decide if they want a dedicated investment in transportation.

Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 16 solves Missouri’s long-term infrastructure funding crisis, ensuring future economic activity, job growth and safe transportation through the state.  It is the culmination of four years of work by the industry and stakeholders that has produced nearly unanimous support across rural/urban and various transportation sectors.

Highlights of the transportation funding bill include:

Includes a 10-year sunset on the sales tax, as well as prohibitions against toll roads or gas tax increases.

  • The 1 cent sales tax contained in SJR 16 restores the transportation budget to pre-2012 levels and is the level funding that the public supports.
  • Provides accountability and the dedicated constitutional constraints that the public wants.
  • Will sustain nearly 270,000 jobs in Missouri over 10 years.
  • Will generate 7.9 Billion in new transportation funding over 10 years
  • Without this new funding very few – if any – new projects will be built.


MODOT has much more in depth information on their website on their scrolling homepage under “ A proposal for Missouri’s Transportation Future”

This bill is incredibly important to Missouri and our future. Not only will it continue to generate jobs in the construction industry but also jobs along major highways as US citizens continue to use our good condition highways to transport goods via freight and for US travel by car.

Let’s see this get on the November 2014 Ballot. 

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