Importance of Asphalt Plant Maintenance

Being April 1st asphalt plants are about to open the gates for the season! Our Sullivan, Missouri Asphalt plant will open tomorrow, House Springs, Missouri Asphalt Plant, Saturday and Pacific, Missouri Asphalt Plant on Monday. We have been finishing up winter time maintenance on all 3 plants, a very important task if we want the asphalt plants to run smoothly each paving season with minimal break downs and down time.Missouri Asphalt Plant

West Contracting’s Material Division has a safety, inspection, maintenance, and service program at each of our three plants. Inspections, which include the overall safety at our plants, are conducted regularly and maintenance is performed as necessary. Larger services to the asphalt plants are, if possible held off until the winter months when plants are not producing hot mix asphalt.

Unexpected downtime during the paving season is costly not only to us, but often times our customers. That is why our experienced plant operators are trained to spot warning signs for potential problems in plant components and to alert our Materials Division of potential problems. Sometimes a simple in house fix can be performed and other times new asphalt plant components must be ordered for replacement. Maintenance of any asphalt plant is ongoing, just as maintenance of one’s personal vehicle. We as individuals pay attention to our oil levels, tire pressure, and dashboards for signs of maintenance we need to perform. Some of the key components of an asphalt plant our plant operators and Material Division keep an eye on are the conveyor belts carrying the rock to the mixing drum, the mixing drums where the liquid asphalt is mixed with rock to create hot mix asphalt, and the bag houses where dust is controlled ensuring the proper amount of dust is released in the asphalt mix designs. Faulty parts on a plant can be costly if not addressed when first seen.

As a Missouri Asphalt Paving Contractor and Supplier we strive to keep our plants safe, and well maintained, while still producing a superior asphalt product. If you have questions about any of our Missouri Asphalt Plants give us a call.


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