Milling asphalt in place to use as additional base material for new asphalt overlay (November, 2014)

Existing Condition (alligator cracking)[/caption]Existing Condition (alligator cracking)[/caption] (Union, MO) Cochran Engineering came to West Contracting for help with their existing asphalt parking lot. As one can see by the picture to the left, the parking lot was beyond simple repair and needed a complete reconstruction. Cochran wanted to remove the …

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Amendment 7

Please read the following link to see how Amendment 7 can improve Missouri’s transportation systems and retain and generate thousands of new jobs for our state! Please read to educate yourself come August!

Increasing Recycled Asphalt Pavements without Lowering Standards

A brief article on the benefits of RAP, and the strategies contractors are using to insure the integrity of the newly constructed recycled asphalt pavements. “RAP is a useful alternative to virgin materials because it reduces the use of virgin aggregate and the amount of virgin asphalt binder required …

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Please Report Potholes to MoDOT or N.B. West!

Please call MoDOT for Potholes on your highways and major roads, and call us for UPM for you neighborhood or subdivision!  We sell permanent cold patch by the bag and by the ton FOB or delivered. Use our UPM pothole patching calculator on our Facebook site ( By Ken …

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