West Contracting is proud to team up with Unique Paving Materials (UPM®) as the only certified producer of UPM® in the St. Louis Region. 

This UPM® Cold Mix material allows for timely and inexpensive pothole repair in St. Louis and pothole repair in Missouri, preserving smoother rides on roads and highways.

UPM® Cold Mix sets the industry standard for performance.

Proprietary additives and stringent quality control ensure that you get a pavement repair solution that outlasts the surrounding pavement over 90 percent of the time. Guaranteed. That’s why UPM® has been used to permanently repair more potholes than any other cold mix or cold patch in the industry.

UPM® Cold Mix offers numerous features and benefits to make repairs easily and cost-effectively.

UPM® customers see the value and savings in a higher quality material that works permanently vs. buying the cheapest cold mix available.

The product has become the industry standard after years of development and field testing. Wouldn’t you rather fix it right with UPM® than buy a cheaper product that requires added labor costs to repair the same holes over and over?

Do it right the first time and use UPM® Cold Mix as a permanent solution to your pavement and pothole repairs.

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What makes UPM® Cold Mix unique?

Please find a wealth of features and benefits in the information below or visit www.uniquepavingmaterials.com.

Where to Buy UPM® Cold Mix

You can pick up your UPM® materials in 50 pound bags or by the ton at one of our four convenient locations.

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