At West Contracting, we pride ourselves in recommending the appropriate fix for your roadway today and look forward to the opportunity to bid a larger project down the road.

This has been our motto for over 60 years. And if the right fix today isn’t something we do, we are always happy to recommend dependable connections in the industry.

Peace of mind comes with knowing you are dealing with a well-established construction and paving company.

The Project Managers at West Contracting understand there are a lot of responsibilities to being a Trustee for Your Subdivision: snow removal, landscaping, lighting, code enforcement, and of course one of the biggest expenses…the road! We’ve been helping trustees such as yourself since 1956. Often times there are many options. Sometimes the necessary work can be as small as repairing potholes, other times a complete reconstruction of the street may be needed. 

Common work we perform for trusteeships includes:

Please see our list of terminology if you are looking for a helpful guide for road bid/construction process, terms and methods that will help you educate yourself, and some testimonials from our own customers.

PDF of Terms

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Interested in our roadway trusteeship asphalt paving services?

Contact West Contracting to set up a meeting with a Project Manager. We will put together a detailed proposal and map of your streets – it will help put you at ease for your presentation.

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