Commercial Parking lots, whether privately owned or maintained by a property management firm share some common problems.

Potholes, rutted areas as well as cracked pavement are all common indications of wear and tear over the years.  The liability and responsibility to keep employees, tenants and customers safe is a growing concern.

West Contracting takes pride in providing options and solutions to put you back on solid ground.

Why Choose West Contracting?

  • Established in 1956
  • Hundreds of parking lots completed in multiple counties.
  • 2 Offices with shops, equipment and crews located in St. Louis and Franklin County.
  • 3 Asphalt plants owned and operated by West Contracting.
  • Experienced long term employees who are craftsmen within the industry.
  • Project Managers who know how to listen, evaluate and create a plan that fits budgets, timeframes and can be phased over time to give you the required end result.

Our services range from complete “New Builds” through removal and replacement, overlays, repairs, parking bumpers and pavement marking too!

Do you need more aggravation? Or is it time to go in a better direction?  Go West…West Contracting!

After all the asphalt parking area at your place of business, or managed property is the “Welcome Mat” that makes a good first impression on your clients and customers.

Please see our list of terminology, this will help explain various terms and methods used within the industry.

PDF of Terms

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