At West Contracting, we pride ourselves in recommending the appropriate fix for your roadway today. 

Our highway asphalt paving crews are experienced in production and installation of BP mixes, Superpave, NovaChip®, and Bondtekk® pavements for MoDOT, Counties, and Cities.

Sometimes you may know exactly what you want, other times you may want help figuring out what is best for your roadway. Our Project Managers are happy to help you determine the best long term solution and give you budget pricing on a variety of options if need be before any bid goes out.

We’ve been in the industry since 1956!

The Project Managers at West Contracting understand a lot of planning goes into all major publicly funded roadwork projects. Lane closures, day and/or night work, notification of residents or traveling public, scheduling, DBE Participation, using and testing for the appropriate mixes, and of course completing the project on time & within budget (and the paperwork to go with it!).

We are able to handle most projects completely in-house from start to finish.

With three asphalt plants in East/Central Missouri, we use the highest quality materials and innovative approaches to ensure long-lasting results.

Find out more about our municipal/county/state asphalt paving services.

When you are ready, please contact West Contracting to set up a meeting with a Project Manager using the form below, or call us directly at (314) 962-3145.

We will put together a detailed proposal and map of your streets – it will help put you at ease for your presentation.

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