POSTED ON: October 11th, 2013

Asphalt Paving St Louis

Here in the Metropolitan area and beyond the St. Louis asphalt season is winding down. Have you finished up your asphalt projects for the 2013 season? If not it’s time to call for an estimate and get your project scheduled. It’s always better to perform maintenance and patch or overlay your parking lot in lieu of letting it continue to deteriorate and have to and rebuild the entire parking lot. Remember, maintaining is always cheaper than letting something fall apart and starting over from scratch! Forecasters are calling for the winter of 2013/2014 to be a wet one so don’t let those freeze/thaw cycles deteriorate your existing pavement further!

West Contracting has different crews for our specialized areas. Some crews specialize in St. Louis road construction. These are the crews who work for MODOT, and municipalities installing asphalt throughout St. Louis County, Franklin County, Crawford County and beyond. They specialize in high production jobs, with large equipment. The paving machines and rollers are built for high production, highway construction. They are often in work zones with high speed and high traffic volume.

We also have crews who specialize in the commercial market. These crews have the experience and attention to detail necessary to install asphalt in commercial parking lots, residential subdivisions, and large scale driveways. These projects require much more attention to the details. There are often drainage concerns, unsuitable soils that must be removed before the parking lot or drive is built, and obstacles that must be paved around (such as concrete islands, paving stones, and light poles).

Just as in any industry individuals have different talents. We have evaluated our employee’s talents and placed them in the division suited for each of them.  Our grade crew foremen are experts in drainage and solving tough water problems. Our highway foreman are experts at knowing how to achieve high production while keeping the crews safe in the high speed work zones, and our commercial paving foreman know that the final products appearance is of the utmost importance.

Potential customers call us frequently asking us to look at projects for budgeting for the next year or years down the line. If you have questions or concerns about your next project feel free to give us a call. We are happy to give you a budget price over the phone or meet face to face and give you a bid! We are here to help and have been helping Eastern Missouri Residents with their pavement needs since 1956!